Kitesurf Instructor (KI) is the original kitesurfing/kiteboarding instruction app for iPhone, iPod Touch and Google G1 (coming soon). For less than the price of a kitesurf magazine, each application shows detailed text and video instructions that teach you how to perform a wide array of kiteboarding tricks. Everything from foundational maneuvers such as backrolls and front rolls including to the latest 'new school' tricks are covered.

Visit iTunes today to purchase the latest versions of the KI series of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

KI Beginner Features: Water Starts, Sliding Transitions, Load and Pop, Boosted Jumps, Jumps with Grabs, Riding Toeside, five different Heelside to Toeside Transitions, Jumping/Aerial Transitions, General Kitesurf Tips, and much more!

KI Intermediate Features: Backrolls, Backrolls w/ Grab, Backroll Inverts, Frontrolls, Frontrolls w/ Grab, Frontroll Inverts, Downloop Transitions, Double Backrolls, Double Frontrolls, One Foot Board-Offs, Board-Offs, Riding Blind, and much more.

KI Advanced Features: Backroll Transitions, Nuclear Grabs, Backroll w/ Nuke Grab, Toeside to Heelside with Grab, Toeside Airs, Toeside Backrolls, Kiteloops, Backroll Kiteloop, Double Backroll w/ Kiteloop, Frontroll w/ Downloop, Riding Un-hooked, Raileys, Railey to Toeside, Un-hooked Backrolls, and much more.

KI Expert Features: (coming soon) S-Bend, Tantrum, Surface Handle Pass, Railey to Blind, Railey w/ Kiteloop, Handle Pass Training on Land, ‘Dangle’ Handle Pass, Back Mobe, Front Mobe, Indy Glide, Nuclear Glide and much more!


Sessionlog: Kitesurf, Snowkite How many times did you kite last year? Which of your kites do you use the most? Which tricks should you work on now? With SessionLog you'll know.

With SessionLog you can:

  • Log your kitesurfing and snowkite sessions.
  • View how many times you kited in the last month, quarter and year.
  • Upload your session info and photos to Facebook.
  • Set riding frequency goals.
  • Set trick goals.
  • View a list of over 50 tricks to learn and log when you learn them.
  • View reports showing which of your kites you fly the most.
  • View kitesurfing tips and more!

SessionLog: Ski, Snowboard - Coming Soon! This app enables you to record your skiing and snowboarding sessions.

  • Track your vertical feet/meters skied.
  • Track how many times you skied and what the conditions were like.
  • Post your session info and photos to Facebook.